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Why You Don’t Need the Major Marketplaces to Sell Apps

Resell Software Online

You have a great app and now, you just need to get it out to the consumers. For some, creating the app is the easy part. With so many apps available, it is hard to get yours noticed in the sea of applications. While you may think you need your app to be on one of the major marketplaces like Google Play or iTunes, you can sell your app independently…

Skip the Major Marketplace: Sell Apps in Your Own Web Store

Smartphones might be the most popular electronic devices on the planet, but they owe the bulk of their functionality to the apps and programs that make them interesting. There’s certainly no shortage of independent developer success stories, but how do you become the next one? You may be surprised by where you find the answer: in your own web store. Why Sell Apps Independently? The major players in smartphone apps,…