Why You Don’t Need the Major Marketplaces to Sell Apps

Resell Software Online

You have a great app and now, you just need to get it out to the consumers. For some, creating the app is the easy part. With so many apps available, it is hard to get yours noticed in the sea of applications. While you may think you need your app to be on one of the major marketplaces like Google Play or iTunes, you can sell your app independently and start making money right away.

Starting to Sell Apps Online

One of the keys of having a successful app that becomes popular with the masses is getting it out to a smaller audience to begin building the awareness. Very few individuals without prior app success are going to be able to stand out in the crowd on a major marketplace. However, if you begin selling apps and gaining a following, word will spread and your business will grow. It also gives you a chance to enhance your app through feedback of your first users and make your app better to make it even more popular amongst your audience.

So how do you market and sell your app without the help of the major marketplaces? You may know technology, but that doesn’t make you an online marketer. What you need is a partner that can get your app the exposure it needs and begin making money with your venture. You need a digital good eCommerce service.

The benefit of using an eCommerce service like PayLoadz.com is that you can start building your app’s awareness right away without the hassle of trying to fight through the labrinyth of the major marketplaces. You can showcase your app on a worldwide stage and have the secure delivery and payment systems in place that online consumers need.

Success Selling Apps

Once you are ready to begin selling apps online, you need to find the right eCommerce service to make it a success. You want a service that is safe and secure, offering immediate app delivery and safe payment options like Paypal or Google Wallet. You also want to be able to share your selling platform across different sites like social media pages and other websites, plus have an affiliate program in place to help increase your sales. Sites like PayLoadz.com are a great source to cover all these options and help you begin marketing your app without the need for the major marketplaces.

Once you have your eCommerce service set up, the fun begins. The great part of marketing your app this way is it takes little to no effort on your part once it is online. Sales are transacted on your behalf, with the money going automatically to your account. This gives you more time to spend on enhancing your app and creating new apps to sell to the world.

Many of the most popular apps started with one person having a great idea. Get your big idea and app out to the world faster by selling apps yourself through an eCommerce service.


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