Skip the Major Marketplace: Sell Apps in Your Own Web Store

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Smartphones might be the most popular electronic devices on the planet, but they owe the bulk of their functionality to the apps and programs that make them interesting. There’s certainly no shortage of independent developer success stories, but how do you become the next one? You may be surprised by where you find the answer: in your own web store.

Why Sell Apps Independently?

The major players in smartphone apps, Google Play and the iTunes App Store, each come with a host of restrictions for developers. Your profit margins are also controlled by the marketplace, as is your ability to interact directly with your customers, offer special promotions or loyalty rewards. While selling apps independently isn’t for everyone, it can be a more lucrative and satisfying choice for those who wish to retain the greatest level of control over their products. When you sell apps through your own web store, you set the price, you control customer service and you make the major decisions about the direction of your brand.

How to Sell Apps Online Successfully

For many developers, the most convincing reasons for selling apps through the major marketplaces all boil down to convenience. With Apple or Google, you do sacrifice a certain amount of control. In exchange, you’re largely freed from the responsibility to oversee payment processing, download delivery or content hosting. What if there were a way you could replicate all of the selling points of an app store release, without giving up any control? When you choose a high quality ecommerce platform to manage your independent web store, that’s exactly what you’ll find.

Services like integrate payment processing through the most trusted names in the industry, like PayPal and Google Wallet, with automated content delivery and file hosting. High-end programs even include access to vital selling and marketing tools, like affiliate network programs. When you choose to build your webstore through an ecommerce provider, your daily sales routine is as automated as it would be through a major app store marketplace. The only difference is that you control almost every aspect of your store.

Don’t let the policies of a major marketplace keep you from fulfilling your goal of starting a business selling apps. With the support of a great service platform and a strong marketing plan, you can become the next app developer success story!

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