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Why Authors Don’t Need a Publisher to Sell Ebooks Online

Finishing a novel requires an enormous amount of dedication and discipline. Unfortunately for authors who wish to pursue traditional routes of publishing, however, the work is only just beginning after a manuscript has been completed. Many successful authors spend years or even decades receiving a flood of rejection letters before their first novels are picked up by publishers, only to relinquish a substantial portion of the profits and creative control…

Sell Your Books

How Free Samples Can Help You Sell Ebooks Online

Sell Your Books

Once upon a time, aspiring authors desperately sought out publishing companies and faced stacks of rejection letters on their way to fame and fortune. Today, the Internet has drastically changed the publishing industry and more authors are choosing to take things into their own hands by self-publishing and selling ebooks online. Though this is still a relatively new industry, there are a flood of new ebooks entering the online market…