How Free Samples Can Help You Sell Ebooks Online

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Once upon a time, aspiring authors desperately sought out publishing companies and faced stacks of rejection letters on their way to fame and fortune. Today, the Internet has drastically changed the publishing industry and more authors are choosing to take things into their own hands by self-publishing and selling ebooks online. Though this is still a relatively new industry, there are a flood of new ebooks entering the online market each day. Many of these authors are learning that the best way to compete with other authors and establish a fan base is to offer a few strategically placed free samples.

Selling Ebooks: Getting Started

Marketing and free samples are an important part of ebooks’ online sales success, but the first concern for new authors is something a bit more basic: establishing an online marketplace. You can’t achieve sales success without a reliable and dependable way of selling your product, and you can’t offer free samples as a successful marketing scheme unless you’re prepared for the resultant flood of sales. For the vast majority of self-published authors, the most reliable and effective method of managing transaction processing, order fulfillment and secure content hosting is to work with a trusted ecommerce platform like By outsourcing the more tedious details related to online sales, authors are free to spend more of their time focusing on the development of new products and the marketing of existing tomes.

After setting up your online store, it’s time to start the marketing push for your products. While it may seem counter-intuitive to give some of your valuable product away for free, it can actually be one of the most effective and efficient ways of building a thriving readership base.

Why Free Samples Sell Ebooks

Marketing is the key to success for any online business, and selling ebooks online is no exception. After all, your customers can’t buy a product if they don’t know it’s out there, and you can’t make money if you’re not able to capture the attention of a potential customer. Authors have a wide array of marketing options at their disposal, from affiliate network programs to paid advertising, free samples offer immediate results. This especially holds true for authors of a series, or instructional ebooks.

If you’ve penned the first few books of a series, giving the first ebook away free of charge helps to hook your potential readers and reel them in, enticing them to purchase subsequent titles because they’re invested in the characters and world you’ve created. Providing the first few chapters of an instructional ebook offers the same effect, but also allows your potential customers to make sure they’re purchasing a product of reasonably high quality. Even better, free samples are a good investment in your business because they don’t cost you anything, unlike paid ad programs.

If you’re ready to build your fanbase, sell ebooks and establish yourself as an author, a few free samples and a great ecommerce platform can help your brand to skyrocket to success.


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