Why Authors Don’t Need a Publisher to Sell Ebooks Online

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Finishing a novel requires an enormous amount of dedication and discipline. Unfortunately for authors who wish to pursue traditional routes of publishing, however, the work is only just beginning after a manuscript has been completed. Many successful authors spend years or even decades receiving a flood of rejection letters before their first novels are picked up by publishers, only to relinquish a substantial portion of the profits and creative control of their intellectual property when they sign on the dotted line. With the boom in ereader devices, though, today’s new authors are well placed to retain control by choosing to sell ebooks online as part of a self-publishing venture.

Start Your Empire with an Ebook: Sell Your Work Independently

Far too many authors find themselves in the disappointing position of being forced to alter the structure and tone of their narrative by editors connected to a traditional publishing house, only to see a scant portion of the proceeds from book sales in the form of royalty payments. By choosing to turn your novel into an ebook, sell it independently and act as your own publisher, you’re able to avoid this stress completely. You control the editing process, and you keep the majority of your profits from each sale when you choose to circumvent the major publishers and sell ebooks.

Today’s bookworm doesn’t spend hours browsing the shelves of a local bookstore. More and more book enthusiasts browse electronic marketplaces for new material, relishing in the ability to purchase and immediately receive an ebook. No more waiting in line to check out, or for a title on back-order to be shipped; ebooks sell because they’re efficient, easily obtainable and tend to be less expensive than their paper counterparts. With a great ecommerce system like PayLoadz.com in place, you can provide your new readers with instant download access and secure, easy payment processing through vendors they trust. By offloading the responsibility of processing orders and manually delivering content, you’re able to spend more of your time focusing on writing new material while you market your existing catalog.

Sell Ebooks Online: Tips for New Authors

Even some veteran authors are choosing to self-publish to ebook, sell their work independently and build their own brand. For newer authors, however, learning the ins and outs of online sales can be a challenge.

First and foremost, it’s of vital importance that your material be polished and presented in the most professional manner possible. Though you do retain control over edits which drastically change your work, it’s always advised that you invest in an editor trained to spot spelling, grammar and formatting errors. Also, you’ll be better positioned to reach more clients if you offer your products in a variety of file formats. Each ereader device and sponsored smartphone app will feature a native file format, and they’re not typically compatible across devices. For instance, the ePub files used for the Barnes and Noble Nook are not supported by Amazon’s Kindle device. Take the time to research the most popular devices on the market, then make sure you sell ebooks in formats which are compatible.

With a strong marketing plan in place, great content and the support of a reliable ecommerce system, you can sell ebooks on your own terms and bypass the headache of securing a publisher altogether.


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