You Don’t Need a Publisher to Sell Books Online

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You’ve finished the final draft and completed all your edits, now what do you do with your novel? You can work to find a publishing deal, where you may only see pennies from the sale of each book and will cede much of your creative control over to editors, or you can take a step into the brave new world of digital self-publishing. It’s easier, less expensive and can be much more rewarding than you think; learn more.

How to Sell Books Online Independently

As an author, you want to control your narrative and your career. Keeping more of your earnings and maintaining control means self-publishing, a much easier feat than in days past. Today, all you really need is a template site or even a free blog site, a high-quality eCommerce platform and the drive to succeed. Working with platforms like makes it easy to streamline everything from payment processing to file hosting, delivery to marketing, all through a single service.

Unlike direct publishing systems built into proprietary eReader device marketplaces, you aren’t forced to sacrifice a higher percentage of your earnings in order to maintain publishing rights through other outlets. You’re not restricted to an audience consisting only of owners of a single device, or only those in specific regions. You’re able to reach readers around the world, all through a low-cost, easy-to-maintain system which does all the work of file hosting, distribution, payment processing and even marketing.

Using eCommerce Marketing Tools

Built into better eCommerce platforms, affiliate networks connect you with marketing partners who only get paid when they generate a sale for you. This means you don’t have to invest money up-front on risky, prepaid ads with no guarantees. You’re paying for marketing by sharing a small portion of the proceeds from only the sales generated by an affiliate, which allows you to go far beyond your own organic reach. There’s zero risk, and no need for an enormous marketing fund straight out of the gate. It’s easier than ever to sell books online, build a following and develop a lucrative writing career, and it starts with a single step. Get started today, and become the author you always wanted to be, free from the control of publishing contracts, editors or literary agents. With your own work, your own digital storefront and your own marketing team, you can stay in the driver’s seat.

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