You Don’t Need a Microstock Site to Sell Pictures

selling pictures online

If you singlehandedly create, edit and perfect your own digital products, shouldn’t you keep all the profits when you sell pictures? You don’t have to settle for pennies on the dollar from each sale through a microstock site; running your own web store is easier than you might think. Too often, photographers collect a portion of their earnings and struggle to make their work visible in the sea of other photos on a massive stock photo site, never realizing their full earning potential. Before you hand your earning potential, sales rights and freedom over to a clearinghouse site, take a moment to explore your options. You may be surprised by just how quickly and effectively you can launch your very own webstore.

The Tools You Need to Sell Pictures

Before you can sell pictures and become a success, you must build the foundation for your new business. This means securing the tools and services you need, and making the features your customers expect available to them.

First and foremost, you need a method of processing payments. Trusted names like Google Wallet and PayPal not only inspire confidence in your customers, but also provide you with the ease of use you need to keep things moving efficiently. After all, you can’t make money if you can’t collect payments, and your customers are less likely to purchase if they don’t feel their sensitive financial information is being protected. You also need file hosting you can trust, and a system for automating content delivery. The average online buyer expects instant access to the files they’ve purchased, and it simply is not feasible to manually share download links. You can’t monitor sales alerts around the clock, and missed alerts will damage your reputation for customer service. This is where a high-end eCommerce platform becomes essential. Not only do services like give you access to the sales tools you need; they also help you eliminate expensive systems which aren’t essential to your success.

Sell Pictures Efficiently: Use an eCommerce System

Efficiency is the key to success in any business. Successful merchants sell pictures efficiently, taking advantage of systems they need and skipping unnecessary expenses. One of the most common and most expensive mistakes made by new merchants is the custom web site.

Hiring a professional web designer is costly, and the end result tends to be complicated for the average merchant to maintain. Upkeep takes time away from your business and product catalog, and doesn’t necessarily increase your earning potential. Using an eCommerce platform allows you to take advantage of simple, inexpensive alternatives. Free blog sites, economical template sites you build yourself or even a social media profile can become sales portals, thanks to simple cut-and-paste HTML linking.

Get your business started today. Take advantage of the sales and marketing tools, like affiliate network access, offered by a high quality eCommerce platform. With a bit of determination and a great product catalog, you can easily sell pictures without the restrictions of microstock sites.

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