You Don’t Have to Sell Articles to Make Money Writing Online

Sell Your Digital Items

Making a living through writing is a dream held by many; unfortunately, it can also be a difficult business to break into in the beginning. While you may not be earning a paycheck from your favorite print magazines immediately, there are ways to make money online by writing which don’t require you to sell articles or hustle for short-term contracts.

Don’t Sell Articles, Sell Ebooks!

When you’re able to sell articles, it can be a great way of earning money and building your freelance writing business. Finding clients isn’t always easy, though, and it can be difficult to make ends meet when contracts are few and far between. For many aspiring writers, choosing to sell ebooks for residual income is a great way of keeping revenue flowing. Whether you’re a fiction writer full of ideas for genre novels or an expert itching to share your knowledge through instructional tomes, there are no limitations to the subjects you can cover when you sell ebooks.

In order to get started, you’ll need more than just a polished and finalized manuscript. You’ll need file hosting, automated content delivery and payment processing capabilities, at bare minimum. In order to make sure your ebooks reach a wide audience, you’ll also need some assistance with marketing. This is where a total ecommerce solution like makes all the difference, as these services bundle vital sales management tools with valuable perks, like affiliate marketing network access.

Making Money Through Affiliate Marketing

If you’re an ebook author, affiliate marketing can help you make money by exponentially increasing your potential audience reach. Authors aren’t the only writers who can benefit from joining an affiliate marketing network, though.

If long-form writing isn’t an area where you’re confident, you can still make money online without depending upon your ability to sell articles. All you need is a blog with a reasonable following, and an affiliate marketing partnership like those offered through reputable ecommerce providers. Even if you don’t have a single product for sale, you can earn money with your writing skills by promoting selected products sold by your affiliates. For each sale you generate, you’ll earn a portion of the profits. You’ll make money, your affiliate will make money, and everyone wins!

Before you discard the idea of a writing career, consider the benefits of affiliate marketing. You can turn a profit on either end of the partnership, using your flair with words as a tool for earning money.


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