You Can Sell Pictures of Almost Anything

Sell Photos

If you enjoy photography, you have a great avenue for earning some extra cash. People use pictures for blogs, websites, social media posts, in emails and for lots of printed material, too. If you want to sell pictures, you have an open market for almost every type of photo you might take. Here are eight different categories of pictures you could sell.

  1. 1. Nature: With such a beautiful world around us, it’s no wonder people enjoy photographing nature. Whether you specialize in broad landscapes or close up shots, even shots snapped with your smartphone, people around the world love to buy nature photos. They can be used by many people for decoration and art.
  2. 2. Kids: People can always use these portraits for different advertisements, and also children’s book covers and billboard photos. These can also be used to advertise your own company if you’re starting a photography business of your own. Everyone loves the cuteness of children.
  3. 3. Animals: Shooting photos of animals can be a great way to get shots which can be used on cards, calendars, even used as decoration or in wildlife magazines. These can be more difficult shots to take, if you want to capture a wild creature in its natural habitat, but it is just as easy to sell pictures of kittens and puppies.
  4. 4. Food: People use photos of food for cookbooks, restaurant advertisements or on foodie blogs. You can also sell pictures of food to promote specific restaurants or food brands.
  5. 5. Buildings: Photos of buildings are often used on business websites, billboards, real estate websites, and home magazines. You can also sell more artsy photos of buildings and landscapes for framing as décor items.
  6. 6. Computers: Pictures of computers, as boring as that may seem, are hot sellers. They are used for various technical blogs, websites and publications. They’re always looking for photos of the current laptop or handheld device.
  7. 7. People: This is probably most sought after type of photography. You do need written permission to photograph people and sell pictures of them that are identifiable, so keep that in mind and do some research first. You can sell pictures of business people, weddings, families, couples and all different types of occupations and ranges in age.
  8. 8. Everyday Things: This can be anything from doors to jewelry to cardboard boxes. Any material item that can be sold needs advertisement and can be photographed and the pictures sold.


Where to Find People to Buy Your Photos

If you want to have photography as a profession but you don’t know where to sell pictures or how to find people to buy them, check out an eCommerce service like They will help you post your photos for people to buy in your own online store, and help you with advertising your images for sale.

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