Write Books, Publish Independently and Earn More

Sell E-book

Do you believe you should be earning more than mere pennies per sale for your books? Publish your work yourself, and you can cut the literary agents and publishing companies out of the equation altogether. Instead of settling for a tiny percentage while the lion’s share of your earnings go to a publishing company, you can build your very own digital publishing house. You don’t need a small fortune to invest, you just need tools designed with the independent digital merchant in mind.

Tools You Need to Sell Books, Publish Digitally and Launch an Online Store

Launching your own online store offers a number of advantages over using a direct publishing option through a massive market tied to popular eReader devices to sell books. Publish in your own store, and you’re able to reach owners of any device in any part of the world, with no corporate restrictions to limit your audience. You set the prices for your work, you collect the profits and you reinvest in your business as you see fit.

In order to do all this efficiently, you do need the right tools and services. Payment processing should be managed by trusted and recognized names like PayPal and Google Wallet. Manually processing payments leaves your customers’ financial information vulnerable and requires you to be present around the clock, monitoring sales alerts. Since you can’t be present at all hours of the day, you’ll also need an automated file delivery system in place to ensure your customers receive their books immediately. You’ll also need marketing, file hosting and sales portals. While this may seem overwhelming, it’s actually quite simple to consolidate all of these tools under a single virtual roof. A dedicated eCommerce platform like PayLoadz.com is ideal for helping you market books, publish them yourself and establish a thriving online business.

Selling Books: Publish, Market and Promote

After you’ve published your book, it’s time to start marketing and promoting your brand. After all, you can’t sell books to readers who don’t know you exist. While you can always pay for banner ads and sponsored social media posts, you’re essentially gambling with a small budget when you invest in prepaid marketing. You’re really paying for the potential to increase traffic, and your money is spent whether your ads generate one sale or a thousand. This is where affiliate networks become a valuable tool.

Built into high-quality eCommerce platforms, affiliate networks allow you to partner with marketers and influencers who essentially work on commission. You pay for marketing only when it results in a sale, so there’s no risk and no gambling. With so many tools and services designed to support new authors, there’s no excuse for not selling your books. Publish in digital format, start your own web store and build a viable brand today.

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