Write Books: Publish and Sell Them Yourself

How To Sell Books

Have you been yearning to write a book but you don’t know how to go about getting it published? The good news is that with the move to digital books, you can write your books, publish them yourself and sell them online. You don’t need to get the approval of a large publishing house to start making money writing books – find out how easy it is to self-publish and become a paid writer right from your own computer.

Creating Your Book

Digital books or eBooks are becoming more popular than printed versions due to their easy access and low cost. Many people have large libraries of books that they can access anytime, right from their tablet, smartphone or computer. To get your books into their hands, you need to create a book in digital form. All types of books sell as eBooks, whether you are writing the great American novel, short stories or a how-to book. But first you need it saved in the right format.

Digital books need to be formatted to read easily on smaller screens like iPads or Kindles. They also need to be saved in a format that can be easily saved and downloaded. The most popular and easy format is a PDF. In most cases, you don’t even need to buy expensive software to create a PDF book; just use your word processing program to save and format your book in PDF form.

Selling Your Books: Publish and Marketing

Once you have you book finished and saved in a standard eBook format, you need to get your book out to your audience. Some people choose to buy an ISBN for their book, which allows them to sell their book through any website that sells books. However, it is not mandatory to do so. Once you have a nice cover page for your book, it is time to start selling it online. To sell it, you need to be able to accept payments and digitally deliver the book automatically to any buyers. That is where an eCommerce service can help.

Companies like PayLoadz.com offer an affordable service for those writing and selling books; publish them yourself, but sign up for professional help when it comes to selling them online. eCommerce services give you the tools you need to sell online, including payment processing, secure delivery of your digital books, an online store to sell your books and even marketing options. You can sell your book on only their site, or use their service to sell your book on your own website, social media, eBay and much more. They even offer an affiliate marketing program at PayLoadz where other people promote your book on their website and sell it for you. It has never been easier to become a published author and start making money from writing books.

Who knew it was so simple to sell books – publish your own books and begin making money online with the help of an eCommerce service.

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