Why You Should Sell Your Own E-Book Download

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Is the rigid structure of the traditional publishing model a bit to restrictive for your tastes? Is the idea of collecting mere pennies on each sale repellent after investing so much time and effort into your manuscript? If so, you’re not alone. Many of today’s new authors are choosing a more lucrative and flexible system built around totally independent sales. This means no publishing contracts, no literary agents and no editing teams stripping away your creative and financial control, but it also means skipping the mass-market e-book download marketplaces tied to popular e-reader devices.

Selling an E-Book Download Independently

When you don’t have the backing of a major publisher, where do you turn to sell your e-book download? For many new authors, the first instinct is to choose a proprietary e-book download marketplace for managed sales. While this does offer a substantial amount of convenience, it also leaves you with a lack of control similar, in many cases, to what you’d find with a major publishing deal. In order to collect the greatest percentage of your earnings, for instance, you’ll be required to maintain exclusivity and surrender control over your pricing. This means you’ll be collecting a larger percentage of the price chosen for you, which may be substantially less than the price you’d set for yourself. Since the exclusivity requirements prevent you from selling your e-book download through any other systems, you’ll also find your potential audience instantly reduced to only those who own a certain device.

What if there were a way to sell your e-book download with total independence, but with all the convenience of managed sales? With a dedicated eCommerce platform, it’s entirely possible. Systems like PayLoadz.com are built around providing you with the tools you need to succeed at a low price, making online business ownership accessible to anyone. You’re always in the driver’s seat when you run your own web store, sell your own e-book downloads and manage your own brand positioning.

Using an eCommerce Platform to Sell Your E-Book Download

With a single high-quality service provider, you’re able to replicate all the convenience of managed sales while remaining totally independent. An eCommerce service makes it easy to turn a DIY template site or free blog site into a sales portal, eliminating the need for an expensive custom website. Your e-book download products are hosted securely, and automatically delivered to your customers upon completion of a transaction powered by trusted payment processing systems, like PayPal and Google Wallet. You’ll even have access to zero-risk marketing tools, including affiliate networks, which help you to boost the signal for your brand without gambling away your marketing budget.

Start exploring your options today, and get your career up and running more easily than you ever thought possible.

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