Why You Should Sell Your Books Instead of Amazon

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When you sell your books using an eCommerce site such as Amazon, your product is placed beside thousands of others. Amazon has a very complex filtering system, which means that customers can easily find exactly what they are looking for. However, while this puts your book squarely in view of your target customer, you are also competing with well known authors. For someone coming into the market for the first time, that presents a potential barrier when you are trying to sell your books.

Advantages of Selling your Books on your Terms

If you have already built a presence online, selling your books yourself is a much more attractive option. You have complete, creative control and a readymade customer base. The people who come to your website already know what you are all about, which makes promotion much easier. As a webmaster, you also have access to tools that will allow you to closely monitor traffic to your site and see how effective your promotional efforts really are. As well as which, running your sales campaign from your own space will help you establish a unique brand.

Where Can I Sell my Books?

Your own website is a good place to start. However, you can also utilize social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and affiliate websites to promote your books. You can sell your books by running promotional contests, offering discounts or freebies, while still using an eCommerce site like PayLoadz.com to handle the transactions of download of your books. It doesn’t take long to integrate your site with PayLoadz and you can also add widgets and buttons to make your books stand out. With Amazon, you are but one of millions of sellers trying to make an impact on a swamped market.

Wouldn’t I Make More Money on Amazon?

While it may seem that a larger audience will translate to more sales, which is not necessarily the case. In fact, new authors become especially discouraged when they see little to no sales over long periods of time. When you are running your own campaign to sell your books, it feels more personal and you will forge a closer relationship with your customers. That’s not to say that you can’t make money selling your books on Amazon. There is no reason that you can’t publish on multiple platforms in order to maximize the potential for sales. You can still publish on Amazon while maintaining a more intimate relationship with your readers on your site.

How Will I Handle Transactions and Downloads?

You can handle your transactions and downloads, just as easily as you would on Amazon, by using an eCommerce site such as PayLoadz.com. You will retain full control when selling your books; yet have the backend support to handle all the technical and financial aspects of your business. Ultimately, how you sell your books is entirely up to you. Make sure to explore every option, so that your product is placed in the best possible way for targeting your potential customers.

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