Why You Should Sell Your Books Independently

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Are you ready to launch your author brand, sell your books and start building a reader base? Before you start working to secure a publishing contract or looking for a literary agent, it pays to consider other options. Not so long ago, self-publishing was a risky venture which required a substantial amount of startup capital. Today, things are different. With so many tools and dedicated services at your disposal, it’s never been easier to sell your books yourself. Not all self-publishing options are created equal, though. It’s important to understand the difference between truly independent sales and managed, mass-market self-publishing.

What it Means to Sell Your Books Yourself

If you’ve ever considered the idea of self-publishing, you’ve probably been drawn to the mass eBook marketplaces tied to popular eReader devices. These direct publishing services offer a highly convenient method of managed sales, but they’re not without their drawbacks. In many cases, they offer little to no more independence than a traditional publishing contract.

As a self-published author with the freedom of independent sales, you’re in complete control. You set your prices, determine how and when to distribute promotional eBooks, and decide where you’ll sell your work. You keep the profits, and you decide how to reinvest your earnings. Managed sales often come with a number of restrictive clauses, most notably the inability to set prices or sell your work through any other outlet. This means that, in order to earn the highest percentage of your own earnings, you must agree to never sell your books to users of other marketplaces or devices. This immediately limits your audience and, by extension, your earning power. It’s possible to access all the advantages of managed sales without the lack of control, though. All you need is a sales system built around a dedicated eCommerce platform. Services like PayLoadz.com give you the tools you need to sell your books, with none of the restrictions.

How eCommerce Platforms Help You Sell Your Books

In order to be successful in online sales, you must have access to a few key tools and services. These include the obvious, like safe and reliable payment processing, along with less obvious marketing and promotional tools. A high-quality eCommerce platform seamlessly integrates trusted payment processors like PayPal and Google Wallet, offers secure file hosting and automates content delivery so you never have to worry about a missed sales alert. You’ll also be able to boost the signal and actively grow your reader base by accessing no-risk marketing through affiliate networks.

Start exploring your options today, and find out how you can sell your books with no publisher interference, no loss of control and no expensive, custom business website.

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