Why You Should Sell Your Books Independently

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Are you ready to sell your books? If you’ve been searching for a literary agent and submitting query letters, there’s a better way to get your work to market. In fact, self-publishing lets you stay in the driver’s seat while keeping more of your earnings. There’s no need to settle for pennies on the dollar or loss over control of your career. When you sell your books yourself, you’re the one who calls the shots. Once you’ve settled on self-publishing, it’s time to choose your sales system. With so many options available, this can seem like a Herculean task. This is where a basic understanding of the most popular options becomes vital. One of the most common choices, managed sales through a proprietary eReader device marketplace, often leaves you with the same loss of control and diminished earning capacity you’d find with a traditional publisher, with none of the perks.

Why You Should Sell Your Books in Your Own Web Store

Wildly popular eReader devices with built-in marketplaces offer new authors a platform for self-publishing. These managed sales systems give you access to hands-off sales, so you never have to process payments or manually fulfill orders. Because they offer so much in the way of convenience and a captive audience, they can be appealing. With limited eBook sales experience, though, you may not realize how much you stand to lose by opting for managed marketplace sales.

In order to collect the greatest percentage of your earnings, you’ll typically be required to maintain an exclusive sales relationship. This means you’ll never be able to reach readers who own any other eReader devices, immediately limiting your sales potential. These plans often strip authors of the power to set their own prices, so you may earn less than you would with a smaller percentage, less restrictive plan. A larger percentage of a substantially lower cover price leaves you with less money, and devalues your product. The best, most effective option is to choose a system which gives you all the convenience of managed sales, with none of the drawbacks. Dedicated eCommerce platforms like PayLoadz.com allow you to build your own webstore with reliable eCommerce framework.

How to Sell Your Books with an eCommerce Partner

Many independent authors balk at the idea of their own webstore for a number of reasons. The most common of these is the perceived cost of startup, because a professional website alone can cost thousands of dollars. Another is the amount of work they assume will be involved, in terms of payment processing and order fulfillment management.

With a built-in eCommerce system, you’re able to turn an inexpensive template site or even a free blog site into a sales hub. Payments are managed through reliable and trustworthy names like PayPal and Google Wallet, which are seamlessly integrated. Your files are securely hosted, and automatically delivered to customers with no intervention on your part. This gives you more time to focus on your next release, and marketing your brand. With high-quality services, you’re even able to access risk-free, highly effective marketing through affiliate networks. Take the first step on a potentially lucrative and emotionally rewarding journey today. Sell your books yourself, and take charge of your career.

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