Why You Should Sell Ringtones as a Promotional Tool

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As an independent musician, you know how important it is to keep working towards expanding your reach and building your audience. What you may not know, though, is that there’s a potentially valuable opportunity to do just that while earning a bit of extra money. When you sell ringtones to your fans, you’re not just selling songs in short snippets; you’re selling the opportunity to promote your music to anyone within hearing range of a fan’s ringing phone.

Selling Songs and Ringtones: What You Need to Get Started

Whether you’re selling songs in their full-length form as a standalone product or supplementing with the decision to also sell ringtones, there are a few things you’ll need in order to make your web store a functional destination for fans. First, you’ll need to be able to offer them safe payment processing through names they trust, like PayPal and Google Wallet. Next, you must have automated download capability, as today’s customer expects immediate access to the files they’ve purchased upon completing a transaction. In order to protect yourself and build your business, you’ll need secure file hosting and access to marketing tools to make promotion easier.

You can meet each of these needs through separate services, but it’s far more efficient and easier to manage a web store built around a single, streamlined service. Ecommerce platform services like PayLoadz.com make it easy, inexpensive and almost effortless to manage the daily operations of your online marketplace. When you’re ready to sell ringtones, and to get started selling music in a broader sense, an ecommerce platform service can make the most of your efforts.

Sell Ringtones and Build Your Audience Base

Your web store can be a very lucrative source of revenue for your musical project, but only if you’re able to build a buzz among listeners. Affiliate marketing and promotional efforts can boost your profile substantially, but it never hurts to supplement those efforts.

One of the most valuable assets you have in terms of marketing is your fanbase. They’ll introduce others to your music and work to promote your band just because they’re fans. Offering them the appropriate tools to do so by choosing to sell ringtones and other promotional merchandise just helps them accomplish this task more efficiently.

When you set up your web store with the intention of selling music, it’s a good idea to also sell ringtones in order to boost your bottom line while actively promoting your band. With a bit of luck, you can start building a stronger fan base and earning more than you might expect from your music.

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