Why You Should Sell Ebooks: Retaining Control and Greater Profit Percentages

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When the work of writing a novel or non-fiction book is finished, authors are faced with the often difficult task of finding the right publishing solution to fit their needs. For some, seeking out traditional publishers is favorable due to the perception of prestige attached to such projects, but there is an alternative to traditional publishing which leaves authors with more control over their body of work while potentially generating greater profit percentages. As smartphones and dedicated ereader devices continue to grow in popularity, there’s also a rapidly-growing industry of authors who choose to self-publish online, and sell ebooks instead of physical copies.

Why More Authors are Choosing to Sell Ebooks

Self-publishing isn’t a new concept, but the Internet has changed the face of the self-publishing industry. Before widespread use of the Internet and digital reading devices, many authors chose to invest in self-publishing only after meeting resistance from traditional publishers. This required a substantial up-front investment, as the first printing of physical books was funded largely by the author. Poor sales could not only prevent second printings, but could also mean a significant financial loss. Placing self-published books in libraries and book stores presents a very real challenge, which also limited an author’s ability to promote their work and reach new audiences.

Authors who do obtain publishing contracts can expect advances and royalties, but will ultimately only see a fraction of the profits from the sale of their books. The Internet has revolutionized the world of self-publishing, however, making it a viable and potentially lucrative choce. Selling ebooks requires less start-up capital than physical self-publishing, allows authors to keep more of the money generated by sales of their products and to retain greater control over their body of work. You won’t have to sacrifice the rights to your own work, which will belong solely to you.

How to Sell Ebooks Online

First, you’ll need a polished manuscript of great quality. After final edits, you’ll need to create ebooks in several different file formats in order to coordinate with a variety of ereader devices and native file formats. With a finished product in hand, you’re ready to find the best solution for distributing and selling ebooks.

For the vast majority of self-published authors, especially those who are new to online sales, the best solution is an ecommerce solution which pairs payment processing and content delivery with proven seller tools, like PayLoadz.com. This consolidates your virtual operations under a single service umbrella, allowing you to create more new content for your store without worrying about timely download delivery and processing of transactions.


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