Why You Should Self-Publish an eBook Download

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Are you ready to start making a name for yourself as an author? What if there were an easier way than trying to navigate the traditional publishing system? One with the potential to be more lucrative while keeping you in full control? Self-publishing an eBook download may seem like a risky proposition, but there are a number of reasons why it’s the best possible option for many authors. If you’re not interested in earning pennies from each sale, surrendering creative control to editors or sharing your profits an expensive literary agent, you may be one of these authors. Self-publishing has come quite far in the digital age. No longer is it necessary to have a large startup fund in order to finance expensive first printing runs or marketing campaigns. These days, everything you need is available with a few clicks, and overhead costs are minimal.

What Do I Need to Sell an eBook Download?

While it may seem complicated at first blush, selling your eBook download may actually be easier, less expensive and less stressful than you imagine. For instance, there’s no real need for an expensive and complex sales website built by a highly-paid professional. Working with the right service providers allows you to take advantage of free blog sites, inexpensive template sites you can easily build yourself, or even a social media profile as a sales hub. If you can cut and paste HTML links, you’re able to eliminate the costly website altogether. You also don’t have to process credit card payments manually, because powerful and trusted systems like PayPal and Google Wallet can be easily integrated into your business model.

A high-quality eCommerce platform like PayLoadz.com makes it easy and cost-effective to gain access to all the tools you need. Seamless payment processing integration, secure file hosting and automated content delivery are at your fingertips. Choose the right service provider, and you’ll even be able to take advantage of no-risk, low cost marketing plans which don’t require a large prepaid investment.

Marketing Your eBook Download

No matter how strong your work, how perfectly formatted your eBook or how promising your career, you will struggle to reach your full sales potential without some form of marketing. Online markets give you the ability to reach a global market, but you’ll also be competing with thousands of other authors. In order to make a sale, your target audience must know your brand exists and how to find your work.

Investing in prepaid marketing, like banner ads and sponsored social media posts, means you’ll be spending money with no guarantee of a return. Essentially gambling with your marketing budget, you’ll run the risk of customers scrolling right past your ads. Fortunately, affiliate networks built in to high-end eCommerce platforms let you pay for marketing only when it’s effective. You partner with bloggers and web personalities who will promote your eBook download. In exchange, a very small portion of the proceeds from the sales they generate are automatically diverted to them. You pay for the marketing that results in a sale, and your affiliates have a built-in incentive to promote your products. No risk, all reward. Get started today, and find out just how easy it can be to stay in control of your career while building a faithful reader base online.

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