Why You Should Consider Selling Audio Books in Your Web Store

Selling Books Online

How does a book lover read when they need both hands free to complete other tasks? How do aficionados of a great story manage when they struggle to read due to a learning disability or developmental difference? The answer to both of these questions is so simple, it may surprise you: audio books!

Why Selling Audio Books is a Smart Business Move

Just as the advent of ereader devices revolutionized the way people buy and consume books, so have smartphones and MP3 players done for audio books. Not so long ago, audio books were expensive items sold in bulky packaging containing several compact discs. These days, digital delivery and ease of portable playback have created a resurgence in popularity for the audio book format.

Whether you’re a self-published author looking for ways of reaching new audiences or a new content creator looking for ways to earn money, selling audio books may be the answer. Self-published authors are able to take advantage of the average independent author’s failure to offer audio book products, cornering a valuable market within their industry. Content creators or voice artists, on the other hand, are able to earn money by recording high-quality versions of classics that have fallen into the public domain without spending a fortune to acquire the audio recording rights to other authors’ work.

How to Sell Audio Books: Getting Started

First and foremost, you’ll need source material. Whether you’re recording your own work or creating a new product from a classic in the public domain, you’ll need something to record. Once you’ve chosen your material, all you need is audio editing software, a strong reading voice and some patience. The finished product should be broken into manageable chapters for ease of use, and in a format which lends itself easily to a mobile device.

With a finished product in hand, you’re ready to set up your webstore. This is where many new merchants make a crucial mistake: spending too much on an ecommerce-ready website. A professionally built site can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and will always present a maintenance challenge as technology rapidly evolves. This is where a service like PayLoadz.com comes in handy. With a great ecommerce platform service, you’re able to put you products into a web store that takes hours to set up, not days. Payments are processed through trusted names like PayPal and Google Wallet, while your customers are able to gain instant access to their audio books through automated download delivery. You have the peace of mind that comes with secure, reliable file hosting, along with access to vital selling and marketing tools.

When you start planning your web store and the products you’ll offer, it pays to at least consider selling audio books. By tapping into a chronically underserved market, you can boost your earning potential exponentially.


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