Why You Should Be Selling Audio Books

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As an author who’s either considering self-publishing an ebook or has already taken the plunge, you know this is a rapidly expanding industry with plenty of room for continued growth. What you may not know, though, is that there’s a wealth of untapped potential being largely ignored by independent publishers: audio books. While major publishing houses are quick to capitalize on the remarkable growth in popularity of audio books, online merchants running online self-publishing businesses tend to miss out on this opportunity. Find out why you should be selling audio books, and how you can get started today.

Understanding the Value of Audio Books

Not all book lovers are able to dedicate themselves to a book, whether it be printed media or an ebook on a dedicated ereader device. A long commute, household tasks that require two hands, exercise and a host of other issues can make reading impractical, but still leave people in need of entertainment. While some will opt for a podcast or listening to music, there are lots of people out there who would love to lose themselves in an audio book, and most of them will turn to a system like Audible.com because the independent authors they’re following don’t offer audio books.

You don’t have to hire a voice actor or spend thousands on expensive audio editing software to turn your ebooks into companion audio books. If you have a reasonably clear reading voice and some patience, you can create audio books of strong quality with huge sales potential. All you need is a product, and the support of a great ecommerce platform.

Selling Audio Books: Getting Started

If you’re running a relatively small online business or are new to online sales, you may not realize the value of a great ecommerce platform. Even if you ultimately choose not to branch out into audio books, it’s still a wise move to research the many benefits of working with service providers like PayLoadz.com, which are dedicated to meeting the needs of the independent online merchant.

As a budding self-publishing magnate planning to expand operations, though, an ecommerce platform becomes crucial. Audio books should be broken up into smaller chapters, but collectively, each book will still make for relatively large files to be hosted. You need secure hosting you can rely on, along with payment processing capability through names your buyers can trust. Because today’s online buyer is also accustomed to instant access when they purchase digital files, automated content delivery is a must. This is where an ecommerce platform shines; great services combine everything you need under one virtual roof.

Don’t let this valuable opportunity pass you by; start selling audio books to complement your ebook products today. Establish yourself as an authority while most self-published authors are missing the boat, and you’ll be able to build a thriving business with minimal start-up investment required.


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