Why You Don’t Need to Be a Developer to Sell Software

how to distribute software

As a marketing professional, you know how much money can be made by selling software; did you know that you don’t have to be a developer to get in on the action? Even if you don’t have any experience or program design knowledge, you can earn money and build a thriving business when you sell software online. All you need is a selection of programs to which you hold legal resale rights, and the support of the right tools and services.

Getting Started: Sell Software with a Distribution License

There are as many different types of distribution agreements as there are partnerships between marketers and program designers, so you have some flexibility when it comes to how you acquire the programs you’ll sell. You can purchase lifetime rights up front for a large lump sum, work out a profit-sharing agreement or draft a completely custom arrangement that combines some aspects of each. In the end, the important thing is that you’re legally allowed to profit from and distribute a specific program.

Just as many marketing professionals have limited to no design experience, most software developers are not marketers themselves. Building a mutually beneficial relationship is par for the course, so once you’ve found a program you’d like to sell, reach out to the developer to work out a system which compensates you both fairly.

Tools You Need to Sell Software Online

Selling software doesn’t have to be an expensive business. Aside from the money you spend to acquire distribution rights, you can often get started for less than you ever imagined, provided you choose the right tools and services from the beginning. Don’t spend a fortune on a professional website; free blog sites and social media profiles can be just as effective as sales portals. Instead, focus on selecting an ecommerce service provider capable of streamlining all of your daily operations for peak efficiency. Platforms like PayLoadz.com are designed to combine all of the most pressing tasks with ease, so you’re able to spend your time focusing on acquiring new programs and marketing the ones in your catalog.

Don’t miss out on the chance to start selling software and turning a profit, no developer experience required. With the right tools and the support of the right services, you can build a profitable business sooner than you ever thought possible.


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