Why You Don’t Need iTunes to Sell Apps

How To Sell Software Online

Smartphones continue to reign supreme, and the apps that add to their functionality are one of the most popular digital products on today’s market. There’s no shortage of earning potential for talented app developers, though many are under the misconception that inclusion into proprietary marketplaces like Apple’s iTunes store or Android’s Google Play store is essential to their success. In fact, there are a host of compelling reasons for selling apps outside of these traditional marketplaces.

Why Sell Apps Online?

Inclusion into proprietary app stores can be a lengthy and complicated process, one which delays profitability for some developers. Additionally, strict guidelines regarding permissible content and functionality can make it almost impossible for some types of apps to ever be accepted. Profit margins can be substantially lower due to app store fees, which cuts into small developers’ bottom line. For a significant number of developers, opting to sell apps online without the support of these marketplaces can be the best choice.

How to Sell Apps Outside of App Stores

When developers weigh the pros and cons of releasing and selling apps outside the app store, one of the primary drawbacks is having to handle hosting, order fulfillment and payment processing without the aid of built-in systems. The first step to releasing a product outside the proprietary marketplace, then, is finding a reasonable solution to this very real problem.

Ecommerce providers like PayLoadz.com bundle hosting, content delivery and payment processing through secure, trusted avenues. This eliminates the primary concern for outside release, making it a feasible option from the very beginning. High quality platforms also include marketing tools like affiliate network access, which can increase your product visibility and help to drive sales. In many cases, targeted marketing and taking advantage of these tools can generate more exposure than marketplace inclusion, as the glut of offerings in these proprietary stores can leave your app at the end of a long list of search results.

With a bit of research and a willingness to market your product, selling apps without app store support is quite feasible, and can be highly lucrative. Rather than spending months of valuable time looking for ways around stifling restrictions, consider the benefits of a wholly independent release. With a strong product and great customer service, you have the potential to build a thriving business which is not subject to the whims of a major corporation.


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