Why You Don’t Need Developer Experience to Sell Software

Software Sell

From the program you use to compose a professional document to the games you play on your computer to let off some steam at the end of the day, software is a daily part of most people’s lives. No matter what you need or want to do on an electronic device, there’s a program out there that fits the bill. In more specialized cases, though, these programs may be independently developed and not so easy to find. For this reason alone, selling software as a licensed marketer can be a lucrative proposition.

How to Sell Software without Becoming a Developer

You may not have the know-how to build a program from the ground up, but if you have a flair for marketing, you can make a big splash by selling software online. All you need is the licensing rights to sell programs you didn’t personally create.

Just as you have marketing savvy but lack the ability to create a strong product, there are scores of talented developers who have neither the patience nor the experience to properly market their work. This is where a licensing and permissions agreement comes in handy. Legally, you can assume resale rights by purchasing them outright, or working out a profit-share system to which both you and the developer are amenable.

What You Need to Sell Software

Once you’ve secured the legal rights to resell a program you believe in, you’ll need a sales system in place. This means more than just a plan for promotions, though. In order to make a success of your venture, you’ll need to be just as comfortable with the technical aspects of online sales as you are the practical applications of marketing.

Because you’ll likely be spending money to acquire the rights which will allow you to start selling software you don’t own, it’s wise to cut unnecessary costs wherever possible. One of the best and most effective cost-saving measures can also be one of the most efficient and convenient decisions you make, though. Rather than investing thousands of dollars into the development of a professionally designed website which will require constant maintenance, consider the many benefits of working with a dedicated ecommerce platform service. Not only will you save money right from the beginning; you’ll also be able to automate your business to reduce the likelihood of customer service failures.

With a reputable ecommerce platform like PayLoadz.com, you can integrate payment processing through trusted names like PayPal and Google Wallet with secure file hosting and automated download delivery. This means your customers never have to worry about the safety of their financial information, wait for access to a download link or navigate a complicated personal website. You’ll sell software more successfully, and your customers will be more likely to recommend your services. Don’t waste time, effort and money to build a system which requires constant maintenance. Choose one that allows you to spend more time focusing on what you do best: marketing and selling software.


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