Why You Don’t Need Apple to Sell Apps

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Apps are everywhere. From smartphones to tablet devices, it seems that everyone has a powerful mobile device in their pocket, and everyone is ready to pay for great applications to help them get the most out of them. For developers, releasing through Apple’s App Store can seem like the only viable way to turn a profit, but this isn’t always the case. For some content creators, selling apps independently is easier, more efficient and makes more financial sense.

Why You Should Consider Selling Apps Outside the App Store

If you’ve ever looked into the requirements for App Store and Google Play app release, you know that there are a host of rules and regulations, along with more than a few restrictive limitations. For some content creators, the limitations and restrictions are a worthwhile trade-off for what seems to be the relative ease of daily management. For others, retaining creative control over their product makes the seemingly risky proposition of releasing outside the major app stores worth it.

What many new developers don’t realize is that the perceived risks associated with releasing and selling apps independently are actually a bit overblown. In many cases, developers find they make more money and enjoy more success by severing ties with the proprietary marketplaces. While you may not reap the benefits of app marketplace exposure, you also won’t be fighting with hundreds or even thousands of similar apps for search ranking placement, which makes all the difference in terms of sales. By taking control of your marketing, you don’t have to worry that people searching for your app in particular will mistakenly purchase a competitor’s similarly-named product, or overlook your app altogether in the glut of search results.

How to Sell Apps Independently

The most attractive benefit of app store releases for many content creators is the ease of outsourcing payment processing, file hosting and content delivery. Because the proprietary marketplaces handle this for you, it can seem daunting to assume responsibility for collecting payment and ensuring prompt file delivery. With the assistance of a reliable ecommerce platform, however, you can enjoy the same peace of mind while retaining more control over your product. Comprehensive services like PayLoadz.com offer the same automated delivery, secure hosting and trustworthy payment processing, often at lower prices than app marketplace fees.

If you’ve got a great app that you’re ready to release, consider the benefits of doing so independently. You may find that the very real benefits outweigh many of the perceived risks.


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