Why You Don’t Need a Publishing Deal to Sell Ebooks

How To Sell Books

Have you ever looked at an ereader device, or even a smartphone with a dedicated ereader app, and wondered just how authors make their work available in a digital format? If you’ve been dreaming of a career as an author but aren’t keen on navigating the world of publishing deals and literary agents, these devices and applications can be the answer to all of your questions. With the right tools and a basic understanding of the industry, you too can start selling ebooks; no publishing deal required!

Self-Publishing Your Ebook Download

Without a publisher contract in place, you’re able to retain all creative control over your work and the full publishing rights. In exchange for this freedom comes an added measure of responsibility, though. Unless you choose to independently hire an outside editor, continuity errors and grammar issues can escape your notice. Line edits can be a challenge for even the most accomplished grammar enthusiast, but uncorrected errors will leave your product looking unfinished, unpolished and downright unprofessional. For any author considering the benefits of self-publishing and selling ebooks over the more traditional publishing route, it’s imperative to put out a finished, fully edited manuscript. Otherwise, your professional reputation and author brand will suffer.

It’s also up to you to make sure all of your work adheres to copyright and intellectual property laws. With a bit of research, however, it’s absolutely possible for you to put out a professional-quality ebook download.

Tools For Selling Ebooks

The primary appeal of self-publishing, for many authors, is the ability to retain control over publishing rights, content and pricing structures. This means you should think long and hard about the systems you choose to digitally publish and sell ebooks. Most of the major ebook sellers, like Amazon’s Kindle Store or Barnes and Noble’s Nook store, have systems in place which allow self-published authors to get their work placed in a proprietary marketplace. Be sure to read all the fine print before agreeing to any conditions, though, as you may find yourself inadvertently agreeing to exclusivity conditions which completely limit your distribution options.

The Big Two in ebook marketplaces can grant you access to fairly large audiences, but choosing and exclusive listing option means you’re only able to reach the owners of a single branded device. Instead, look for options which allow you to place your ebook download in any number of marketplaces you like, then focus on attracting the owners of every other ereader device on the market by setting up your own webstore through an ecommerce platform like PayLoadz.com. You’ll get all of the instant download access and secure payment processing benefits with none of the exclusivity-contract hassle.

By placing your ebook download in a number of different marketplaces while also controlling your own web store, you’re able to ensure the widest possible audience has access to your product. The more people you can reach, the more likely you are to sell ebooks on a large scale. With a great product and the right tools at your disposal, you may even become the next massive self-publishing success story.


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