Why You Don’t Need a Personal Website for Selling Digital Downloads

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Selling digital downloads can be a lucrative business venture for content creators and marketers, but it can also be difficult to learn just where you should begin. With so many options and requirements involved in launching an online business, it’s not uncommon for beginning entrepreneurs to become overwhelmed. The truth is, however, that getting started doesn’t have to be an insurmountable obstacle.

Personal Websites and Digital Goods

One of the most common misconceptions among those who wish to sell digital downloads is that they need a personal website, complete with digital shopping carts and payment processing capability. For those without web design experience, this task alone can seem impossible, and professional web site designers tend to charge a substantial amount for their services. This leaves beginners feeling as if they must become web design masters in order to complete the project themselves, or to invest more than they can afford to have a site built by a professional. Actually, you don’t have to start your own website to make your business goals a reality. This is not to say that they can’t play an important role in your marketing and promotional efforts, but they’re not absolutely crucial transaction portals.

A personal website dedicated to promoting your digital goods, especially one with a memorable URL and easily navigable design, can be a valuable tool, but it’s not absolutely required. It’s also not difficult to create a basic website; the difficulty comes from integrating ecommerce software into the design. In fact, many online merchants opt for simple blog sites with customizable templates, relying upon a dependable ecommerce platform for payment processing and content delivery.

Sell Digital Goods with Minimal Start-Up Expense

Hiring a professional website designer is expensive, and the process of building a new site can be a long one. Instead, it’s not uncommon for even well-established merchants to turn their personal blogs, social networking profiles and even email signatures into a sales page. With an ecommerce platform like PayLoadz.com, which features cut-and-paste HTML links to redirect traffic to your sales page, you can become a successful purveyor of digital goods without ever starting a personal website.

A high-quality e-commerce platform integrates trusted payment processing sources like PayPal and Google Wallet with automated content delivery and access to a powerful affiliate network to increase product visibility. With these vital tools housed under one virtual roof, selling digital downloads is a much more simple and enjoyable process.


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