Why you Don’t Have to Write Fiction to Sell Ebooks

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If you have an interest in becoming a published author and you’re following industry trends, you know that scores of fiction authors are writing their own success stories by choosing to self-publish and sell ebooks independently. Every year, thousands of new authors make their debut and earn a profit by selling ebooks they’ve written, without the support of a traditional publishing contract. While self-publishing superstars who specialize in fiction seem to get most of the spotlight, they’re not the only authors making money and building a brand with longevity through self-publishing. Non-fiction authors and those who write instructional guides are also big earners, provided they’re offering a high-quality product and are willing to invest some time into marketing.

What You Need to Get Started Selling Ebooks

The self-publishing boom has spawned an entire cottage industry, with more self-help gurus and self-proclaimed experts than you can count. Every one of these personalities offers their own recipe for success, which may or may not work for you. There are, however, a few key considerations vital to any new self-publishing venture. These are file hosting, automated content delivery, and payment processing. You can’t make a profit if you can’t accept payments, you can’t build a strong reputation if you’re monitoring sales alerts to manually send out download links, and you can’t automate product delivery without file hosting.

There are ways to obtain each of these crucial needs as standalone services, but it’s far easier for most authors to consolidate their efforts. This means choosing one reputable, comprehensive service, like PayLoadz.com, to handle all of their practical business needs. With a great ecommerce solution, you can set up your webstore and walk away, collecting income from each sale with no need to monitor alerts or process orders. With the right service, you can even turn your social media profiles, blog and personal website into sales portals which redirect to your sales page through easy, cut-and-paste HTML linking.

Making Your Ebook Sell

For every successful new author on the self-publishing scene, there are a handful of attempts which end in failure. To make your ebook sell and to establish a profitable brand, you’ll need to pay attention to several different factors. The first, obviously, is content quality. No matter how big your marketing and promotional plan gets, you won’t sell many copies of a shoddy, rushed product. Take the time to go over your content with a fine-tooth comb, double- and triple-checking for accuracy, proper grammar and good formatting. You may even want to consider investing in a professional editor to ensure a polished final product. You may be surprised by just how much money your new venture generates, and how easily you can turn one ebook into a full product line capable of earning substantial income.


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