Why You Don’t Have to Be an Author to Sell Audio Books

Sell your Digital Art

In terms of explosive popularity, few digital products are growing as rapidly as audio books. Once available only through physical media in bulky packages with multiple disks, today’s audio books are offered as digital products for use in dedicated MP3 players or smartphones, and are substantially changing the way modern consumers enjoy books. Authors aren’t the only ones poised to make a profit by selling audio books, though. With the right tools, services and licensing rights, you too can start earning a profit without writing a single word.

How to Sell Audio Books You Didn’t Write

Infringing on copyright laws will leave you in legal hot water and facing the strong likelihood of a civil suit, not to mention being completely unethical. There are ways to legally and legitimately offer audio book productions based upon the works of other authors, which can leave you positioned to profit from the rise in popularity of these products without being forced to write your own script.

First, you can purchase the requisite licensing rights from the copyright holder of a book you want to produce and sell; audio books created on this model will almost always rely upon independent source material. Self-published authors who don’t happen to also be voice actors may be eager to work out a mutually beneficial agreement.

The other option is to research works in the public domain. Most classic novels fall into this category, for instance. There are a variety of criteria, so it’s of vital importance you ensure the legality of using any source material before offering it for sale.

Sell Audio Books with the Right Tools and Services

Once you’ve ensured you’re well within your legal right to record a book you didn’t write yourself, it’s time to start finalizing your product and business plan. Once your audio books are finished, you’ll need to make sure your sales plan includes secure payment processing to protect your customers, automated content delivery to meet their expectations and access to secure file hosting in order to protect your interests. Services like PayLoadz.com, which streamline and consolidate these vital practices, make it easier than ever for you to start selling audio books and earning a profit without building an expensive website to process your transactions.

As long as you choose the right source material and adhere to all relevant copyright laws, you can capitalize on your pleasant speaking voice by choosing to sell audio books online. With the right tools and services, you can get started and begin earning money earlier than you might think.


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