Why Won’t My Ebook Sell? Promoting Your Ebook Download

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If you’ve attempted to self-publish for online sales in the past with mixed results, or if you’re researching the best ways to promote sales before your first release, there are a few things you should know about how to format your ebook, sell your product and build a strong web store. There are several different factors with the potential to substantially affect your sales, far beyond the quality of your product. While an ebook download of low quality will be a hard sell no matter how strong a business plan you have in place, a great one can suffer from just a few marketing mistakes.

Properly Position Your Ebook, Sell More Product

There’s more to positioning ebooks than a release marketing blast. Just as real estate professionals urge homeowners to stage their properties to increase the chances of a sale, so will your business model depend upon great staging. Your customers need to first know your book exists, so you’ll need some marketing campaign plans and promotional tools in place. They’ll also need to be able to securely pay for their ebook download at the time of purchase, to find file formats supported by their particular devices, and get instant access to the product they’ve purchased immediately upon completing a transaction.

For most self-published authors, marketing needs to be the primary focus in the lead-up to release and after ebooks are available for purchase. For this reason, among several others, it’s almost always best to choose a digital sales system which automates as much of the process as possible. You don’t want to spend your time processing transactions, monitoring sales alerts and manually mailing download links while risking delayed delivery; you want to be able to walk away from the sales process in order to focus more on your marketing and promotion duties. A streamlined ecommerce platform service like PayLoadz.com combines all of the most crucial, day-to-day aspects of running an ebook download business. Your customers are able to pay for their ebooks through trusted systems like PayPal and Google Wallet, then gain immediate access to a download link. You’re able to outsource the more tedious but vital aspects of your business. By creating more time to concentrate on marketing, you’re able to better position your book and your brand as an author, building the foundation for continued success.

Marketing Boosts for Ebooks

Depending on the genre of your ebook and your target audience, you’ll have a wide range of options to consider in terms of marketing. One of the most universally beneficial promotional tools, however, is affiliate marketing. Because you only pay for affiliate marketing when an affiliate generates a sale, you’re not investing a large sum up front for pre-paid advertising which may or may not have any impact. Look for ecommerce platform service provider who includes built-in affiliate network access among their offerings, and you’ll be able to beef up your marketing power immediately, helping your ebook sell more rapidly as more people become aware of your product.


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