Why Won’t My Ebook Sell? Decoding Online Self-Publishing

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You’ve written, edited, polished and formatted your ebook download, but you’re not making any real sales impact. If you’re one of the many self-published authors whose initial sales figures are lower than you hoped, don’t be discouraged; low product quality probably isn’t to blame. Even the best and most powerful novels will struggle in the online marketplace, and physical market, for that matter, if no one knows they exist. Before you give up on selling ebook downloads, take a moment to evaluate your sales and marketing strategy.

Where to Sell Ebooks Online

As with physical retail businesses, location is everything. Where is your ebook download currently placed for sale? If you just submitted your product to a proprietary marketplace like the Amazon Kindle Store and hoped for the best, there’s a good chance you will continue to struggle for recognition. This especially holds true if you’ve engaged in no marketing schemes, or if you chose proprietary market exclusivity options.

The Kindle Store is the go-to option for many first-time authors who have chosen to self-publish, and many are tempted by the Kindle Direct Publishing Select program, which allows them to earn as much as seventy percent of their products’ sale prices. What many don’t realize when choosing this option, though, is that they’re immediately limiting their audience from the moment their product hits the digital shelves. The Kindle Store is a proprietary marketplace, which means that only owners of Kindle devices or dedicated apps can purchase these products. Any potential readers who own other devices, like Nook or Kobo ereaders, for instance, will be unable to purchase them.

Remember, your goal as a self-published author is to sell ebook downloads to as many customers as possible. This means you’ll need to select options which allow you to access not only all of the primary device markets, but also to control your own storefront. The best way to do this is to offer your ebook downloads in a variety of file formats for multiple device compatibility, secure placement in primary markets and then use an ecommerce platform to automate your own sales independently.

Self-Publish Your Ebook, Sell Independently

For most self-published authors, one of the most attractive aspects of self-publishing is the ability to retain control and independence from major publishers. Rather than relinquishing much of that control to proprietary device marketplaces, take the time to consider the many benefits of managing your own web store, as well.

While there is a common misconception about independent online sales and the necessary tools, the truth is that you don’t need a fully functioning website for sales. Ecommerce platform service like PayLoadz.com can be integrated into your sales page with simple, cut-and-paste HTML links and offer the same level of automation offered by proprietary market systems. These systems streamline digital sales operations, allowing you to sell ebooks online safely and securely. Content hosting, secure payment processing and instant download delivery are among these valuable tools, allowing you to manage your career without managing every aspect of the sales experience.

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