Why Use PayPal Shopping Cart Script and Payment Processing?

Digital Download Delivery

If you’re a digital content creator exploring the idea of setting up a personal website to sell the digital goods you’ve created, chances are you’re looking for the best method of integrating payment processing tools and including a shopping cart on your site. A variety of options are available to you in this area, some of which are so easy to use and function so well they may take you by surprise.

PayPal for Payment Processing

PayPal is one of the most trusted and popular payment processing services on the Internet for several reasons. The intuitive, simple interface and the level of security offered appeal to customers. Personal financial information is never exposed directly to merchants when people use PayPal. You can integrate several PayPal Shopping Cart scripts into your website. That lets your customers know that you are a trusted merchant with the power of PayPal’s recognizable name and trusted brand behind you. The shopping cart function offered by PayPal can generate extra sales for you because the shopping cart makes it easy for browsing customers to keep adding more items. Customers finish transactions with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that their information is safe and that they have all the additional security offered by a payment processing powerhouse.

Alternatives to PayPal Shopping Cart Scripts

If you’re not tech savvy and have little to no experience building and running an e-commerce website, chances are that integrating a fully-functional PayPal Shopping Cartscript will seem like a daunting task. In addition, you’ll still need to find a content delivery option to ensure that your customers can access the goods they’ve purchased quickly and without hassle. Opting for a PayPal integrated content delivery service like PayLoadz.com allows you to have the benefits of using PayPal to manage your transactions without the hassle of locating or purchasing a PayPal Shopping cart script that may or may not be fully functional. PayLoadz.com works with PayPal to process purchases. It sends money directly to your designated PayPal account while simultaneously managing content delivery. PayLoadz gets your customers the files they’ve purchased with no complications or delays. You can even maintain your own website for branding and name-recognition purchases. You can also redirect your customers to your dedicated PayLoadz.com marketplace where they can browse the items you have available, add them to a shopping cart and complete the transaction with PayPal while still retaining your URL and brand name at the forefront of their minds. There’s no need to deal with complicated PayPal Shopping Cart scripts or tedious e-commerce site-building; you can focus your energy on promotion and marketing, instead of concentrating on keeping your website up and running.


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