Why Should I Sell My Books Myself?

How To Sell Books

After the hard work of writing, editing and polishing your book comes the even harder work of figuring out how to sell it. As more and more new authors choose the freedom of independent sales over the security of traditional publishing contracts, “should I sell my own books?” is a question you’re likely asking yourself. To get the answer to this pressing question, it’s important to first understand the primary methods of book sales in the digital age, and which of those is best suited to your unique needs.

What’s the Best Way to Sell My Books?

How much money are you willing to invest in your sales venture? How much time can you invest? Is it more important to see physical copies of your work in bookstores, even if no one buys them, than to make money and establish yourself as an author? How much control would you like over the marketing and sales process? These are all questions you must ask yourself in order to find the best solution among these popular options:

  • Traditional Publishing – You may see your books in physical print, and you may be supported by an effective, targeted marketing campaign upon release. In exchange for these things, however, you will be forced to cede much of your creative control over to an editor, and a substantial amount of your earnings back to your publisher, agent and other expenses. This is the most prestigious and high-profile option, but also the most rigid.
  • Managed Sales – A strong middle ground for authors who want more control than is afforded by a traditional publisher, but more support from a corporate entity. Choosing managed sales through a proprietary eBook marketplace tied to a popular device means you will have only slightly more control over pricing, but may not be able to sell your work through other outlets and will still only see a portion of your sales proceeds.
  • Fully Independent Sales – You set the prices, you call the shots, and you keep all the money you earn. In exchange, you manage all the marketing, infrastructure and distribution. This is easier than you might imagine, though, thanks to high-end eCommerce platform services like PayLoadz.com.

Sales Tips for the Independent Author

You’ve decided that sacrificing control and profits aren’t the route for you, but how do you get an independent store off the ground? With the right eCommerce platform, you can turn an inexpensive template site or a free blog site into a sales portal. Fully integrated tools from your eCommerce platform streamline everything from payment processing to file delivery and marketing to create an efficient, low-cost solution for web store management.

Strike out on your own, and make a name for yourself without a publisher or managed sales system.

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