Why Photographers are Selling Pictures Themselves

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Are you frustrated with collecting a small portion of your total earnings from microstock sites? Have you been waiting to start selling pictures because you’re not sure how to create a business plan which leaves you with both the freedom of independence and the convenience of managed sales? There is a solution. Launching and maintaining your own web store doesn’t have to cost a fortune, or require round-the-clock monitoring. If you choose the right tools and services from the very beginning, you’re in the perfect position to build your own brand without the interference and control of microstock sites.

Selling Pictures: What You Need, and What You Don’t

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding online sales is that you need an expensive website custom-built for your business by a highly-paid professional, featuring all the newest and most complicated sales features. The truth is, you can easily turn anything from an inexpensive, easy-to-build template site you design yourself to a free blog site as a sales portal. You just need a dedicated eCommerce platform in place to get started.

Services like PayLoadz.com give you the ability to integrate a host of powerful, yet simple, sales tools into just about any web space you can imagine with easy cut-and-paste HTML linking. Trusted payment processing services like PayPal and Google Wallet are included, along with secure file hosting and the automated content delivery you need to make sure your customers are gaining immediate access to the files they’ve purchased. You’ll even have access to valuable marketing systems, like affiliate networks, which aid you in selling pictures by dramatically increasing your visibility and audience reach.

Affiliate Marketing Systems are Ideal for Selling Pictures

When you start your own online business, keeping costs low is absolutely vital. The more you spend to launch, the more you’ll have to sell in order to break even, let alone reach profitability. When the cost of a custom website is eliminated, the next-largest expense is typically marketing and promotion. Spending money on prepaid ads and sponsored social media posts can become expensive quickly, and these investments aren’t guaranteed to yield results. Instead of gambling with your startup funding, consider the power of zero-risk affiliate marketing systems for selling pictures. These affiliate networks are built into high-quality eCommerce platforms, and they have the power to help you increase your reach without increasing spending.

By connecting you with affiliates who essentially work on commission, an affiliate network lets you only pay for marketing when it works. This means you’re never spending money in the hopes of attracting customers; you’re simply sharing a small portion of the proceeds from each sale successfully closed by an affiliate. When you work with a comprehensive eCommerce service to combine all the tools and services you need for selling pictures online, you’re able to walk away from the restrictions of microstock sites once and for all.

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