Why More Photographers are Choosing to Sell Images Online

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What’s the one element almost all online content shares? Whether it’s a news site, a political blog or a sales site, almost any page you look at online relies upon digital photography to provide visual interest. Because there’s new content published every minute online, there’s unlimited potential for photographers to sell images online as stock photography. For this reason alone, many photographers are choosing to eschew print projects in favor of online sales.

What You Need to Know About Selling Images

There are hundreds of stock photography clearinghouse pages on the Internet. While they’re successful at meeting the needs of buyers, they’re not always geared toward helping photographers optimize their earning potential. If you want to earn real money for your stock photographs by selling images, you’ll want to consider starting your own online business.

While you may think you need a pricey, professionally-built website capable of processing credit cards and securely hosting all of your files, this isn’t actually the case. You don’t have to invest in expensive infrastructure which requires constant maintenance; all you have to do is meet the needs of your customers in a dependable, efficient manner. This is where choosing the right tools and services becomes crucial.

Sell Images Online Successfully with Ecommerce Service Partners

In order to sell images, you need to be able to handle a few key aspects of online sales. Payment processing, automated content delivery, file hosting and marketing. You can invest in an expensive website, manually process orders to send out download links and handle all of your own marketing, but it will leave you with very little time to create new content and also comes with a wide margin of error.

The best and most efficient option for almost all content creators, not just those who specialize in selling images, is to work with a proven ecommerce service partner. A high-quality ecommerce platform streamlines all of these vital needs, allowing you to adopt a much more relaxed attitude about daily sales management. A partner like PayLoadz.com automates download delivery for instant access, integrates payment processing through trusted names like Google Wallet and PayPal, offers secure file hosting and even includes access to an affiliate marketing network for increased promotional reach.

Choosing a service partner who specializes in ecommerce optimization takes all of the daily maintenance out of your hands. With a minimal amount of monitoring, your business is capable of running itself while you focus on supplemental marketing and new content creation. Don’t sell images out of your catalog to bulk photography sites; start your own business and retain more of your profits.


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