Why More Content Creators are Selling Digital Downloads

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What do writers, filmmakers, musicians, artists and dozens of other types of content creators have in common? With a slight shift in creation methods, they call all start selling digital downloads of their products for lowered overhead costs and greater profit margins. The Internet is revolutionizing the way content creators distribute and market their products, and for good reason. Combining the potential for global audience reach with plummeting operating costs allows these merchants to make more money, reach more customers and increase their popularity among buyers.

How Selling Digital Downloads Can Cut Costs

One of the primary obstacles for many content creators, especially those who are just starting their business ventures, is a lack of funding. Self-publishing physical copies of a new novel, creating a run of artwork, attempting to get widespread distribution of an independent film and pressing an album all cost money, and often in substantial sums. A lack of startup funding can prevent content creators from ever launching their product lines, but this doesn’t have to be the case. With careful execution, selling digital downloads can help amateur content creators become paid professionals.

Unlike physical media, a single digital file has no shelf life and never needs to be restocked. The same file can be downloaded an infinite number of times, so authors aren’t forced to pay for a second printing of a successful ebook, musicians don’t have to dole out more money for additional copies of their albums, and artists don’t face expenditures for new supplies. Because these intangible files don’t need to be shipped or stored, merchants aren’t required to obtain costly retail space or warehouse storage. By launching a product line on the Internet, as opposed to starting a retail location, content creators are also able to avoid payroll costs associated with staffing, utility and energy costs to keep a business running and shipping expenses.

Sell Downloads for Freedom and High Earning Potential

A retail location must be staffed during all operating hours, which often requires small business owners to be physically present or to hire additional staff. Faced with the prospect of spending money or sacrificing quality of life, most new business owners will choose the latter.

Setting up an online business and selling digital downloads allows merchants and content creators an unprecedented level of freedom. With an automated transaction processing and content delivery solution like PayLoadz.com, merchants don’t have to monitor their online stores at all. Payments are processed, orders are fulfilled and content creators are free to keep building their product line. Slashing operating costs while providing greater levels of freedom makes small business ownership an attainable goal for many creators who would otherwise be barred from realizing financial gain for their efforts. Start an online store, sell downloads and start profiting from your talents today!


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