Why More Authors Are Choosing to Sell Ebooks Online

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Dedicated ereader devices and smartphone apps designed for book lovers may be helping to foster the popularity of a new medium, but this popularity isn’t restricted to traditionally published authors. More and more of today’s emerging authors are instead choosing to self-publish and sell ebooks online, rather than struggling to gain acceptance in the publishing industry. In fact, even some established authors are striking out into this new industry, citing greater control over their work and greater royalty profit margins as motivation.

Self-Publish Your Ebook, Sell in Your Own Web Store

Gaining a traditional publishing contract often means working closely with editors who polish content, but may also require extensive plot changes or substantial cuts in order to produce a product the publishing company deems acceptable. After relinquishing a measure of control over their intellectual property, new and upcoming authors may also be lured into contracts which offer small royalty percentages. Rather than facing a pile of rejection letters in your quest for a publishing deal, though, you can release the book you want to release, retain full control over your publishing rights and keep more of your profits by choosing to self-publish.

There are many benefits which can accompany the choice to sell ebooks online in your own web store, which can be an especially profitable venture if you choose the right support tools to build and maintain your online marketplace.

What You Need to Sell Ebooks Online

You don’t have to monitor your sales alerts around the clock, manually process payments or devise a creative system of maintaining your virtual storefront. In fact, you can build a system which requires minimal upkeep, allowing you to focus more of your time on churning out your next novel while marketing your existing releases. The key is to work with a fully integrated, streamlined ecommerce solution like PayLoadz.com, which combines all of the most crucial tools into one system.

In addition to automating content delivery to ensure prompt receipt of purchased files while offering secure payment processing and access to a powerful affiliate network, the right ecommerce solution allows you to turn all of your social networking sites into potential sales portals. With cut-and-paste HTML links, you can sell ebooks from your social profiles, personal website, your blog and even your email signature. By participating in affiliate marketing networks, you can expand the reach of your work exponentially while outsourcing a portion of your marketing responsibilities.

With the ability to keep more of the money you make from each sale, the right to control your intellectual property and the ease of building a potentially profitable business venture, it’s easy to see why so many authors are choosing to sell ebooks online.


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