Why More Artists are Choosing to Sell Digital Art

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For those with a creative vision and the drive to see those visions through, creating art can be both emotionally and financially rewarding. The ability to earn a profit from the sale of art is dependent on a variety of factors, though. In addition to the regular expense of replenishing materials, canvases and supplies, there’s also the cost of shipping, insurance and marketing for exposure with which to content. For many modern artists, the most logical option is a switch to selling digital art.

Why Sell Digital Art?

While the initial investment in high-end programs and tools may be a bit higher than is required for physical media, choosing to sell digital art can actually be a less expensive option in the long run, as these tools only need to be replaced when a program becomes obsolete. Selling digital art will not require you to obtain shipping insurance, pay for shipping or climate controlled storage for pieces waiting to be sold. There are also other benefits to selling digital art, which can be determining factors for many hopeful artists.

With a strong marketing plan and a great ecommerce system in place, you have the potential to reach audiences around the world with your artistic vision. Buyers from all corners of the globe are able to find and purchase your products online, without you ever being required to invest in international shipping or marketing in far-flung locales. You also have the opportunity to explore a variety of style and product offerings when you’re catering to a diverse customer base.

What You Need to Start Selling Digital Art

You may think you need a high-powered website with all of the most modern ecommerce bells and whistles to get started, but this simply isn’t the case. Whether you’re selling high art installations or simple clip art, all you need a website to do is act as a portal for sales and marketing. With a memorable URL and a clean design, you’re able to outsource some of the more in-depth aspects of online sales to save substantial amounts of money while freeing up more of your time.

High-quality ecommerce platforms allow you to use easy cut-and-paste HTML linking to turn a sales page on your own website into a sales portal, which redirects customers to a page where they’re able to process their payment information safely and securely. Upon completion of the transaction, automated content delivery ensures no wait for purchased files. You don’t have to lift a finger when you make a sale, as system like PayLoadz.com automate every aspect of the transaction. You’re free to collect the profits while working on your next masterpiece.

If you’ve been thinking of making the switch to selling digital art or expanding your catalog to include digital pieces, consider the many benefits of automated sales systems though ecommerce platforms to simplify your business and boost your earning potential.


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