Why It’s Worth It to Sell Audio Books

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When it comes to emerging ecommerce markets, few are growing as rapidly with as much earning potential as the audio books market. There are dozens of reasons why many readers prefer the format, from reading difficulties to the simple need to keep their hands free for work or driving, but there aren’t as many vendors actively working to meet their needs. In fact, the audio books market is relatively under-served by small merchants, which means there’s more opportunity for scrupulous content creators who play their cards correctly.

Sell Audio Books: A Versatile Product Offering

Unlike some other digital product offerings, audio books are inherently versatile and lend themselves well to a wide variety of business models. Self-published authors, for instance, can substantially increase sales by supplementing their product catalog to sell audio books of their most popular ebook downloads. Merchants who sell instructional products, non-fiction authors and voice actors can also make their mark on the industry. In fact, you don’t even have to be an author to start earning money when you sell MP3 versions of popular classics; depending on the material, if it has fallen into the public domain, you can record classic novels without purchasing exclusive rights.

No matter what kind of business you’re building or products you plan to sell, there’s a good chance your product catalog has room for audio books related to your offerings. The key is learning how to sell them and what you need to build your business.

How to Sell Audio Books Online

Depending on the length of your source material, an audio book can span many hours. During this time, your customers may lose their place, or want to listen to a particular chapter again. For self-published authors who sell audio books as companions to ebooks, it’s a good idea to facilitate easy syncing for customers who own both products. For these reasons, it’s wise to break your audio books into chapters of manageable length.

Once you’ve finished the recording and editing process, you’ll be ready to sell MP3 copies of your audio books and start earning money. To do so, though, you’ll need to make sure you have a few tools and services at your disposal. First, you’ll need to have secure file hosting for your products and the ability to process payments so you can make money from each sale. You’ll also need to make sure your customers have access to the files they’ve purchased immediately upon completing a transaction to keep your customer service ratings positive.

It’s possible to meet each of these needs individually, through separate services, but this can create an added layer of unnecessary complication. For the vast majority of merchants, it’s easier and more efficient to sell audio books through a dedicated ecommerce platform which consolidates these tools, along with some additional services, keeping them under one virtual roof. Ecommerce platforms like PayLoadz.com make it easy to set up your web store, so you can hit the ground running and ready to make a sale. Don’t miss out on the earning opportunity presented by the under-served audio books audience. With the right marketing plan, a great product and the support of a reputable ecommerce platform, you can start earning money through your own business venture.


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