Why Indie Authors Need MP3 File Downloading Tools

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You’re ready to strike out on your own to take the self-publishing world by storm, but could you be overlooking a valuable product option? As an independent author, you’ve likely taken the time to learn about the tools you need to write, edit and format your eBooks in order to ensure you reach the highest possible number of customers. What you may not have thought of, though, is the power of audio books. While the tasks of reading your entire novel aloud, editing and mastering audio may seem herculean, there are ways to create a high-value audiobook product without spending a small fortune.

Audio editing and recording programs can be found online at low or even non-existent cost; even if you’re not familiar with these tools, in-depth help guides make it easy to master the skills you need to record, edit and finish your full audiobook. Once you’ve managed to create the ambitious offerings which can set you apart from other independent authors, though, you have to figure out how to sell them easily.

MP3 File Downloading Tools: What You Need to Know

Starting a new business venture can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. When you’re able to take advantage of high-powered tools and services, you can launch a fully realized self-publishing outlet, complete with eBooks and audio books, for a fraction of the price you might have expected. Tool sets offered by better eCommerce platforms, like PayLoadz.com, take all the guesswork, risk and stress out of online sales.

First, you’re able to securely host each and every MP3 file; downloading only happens when a paying customer completes a transaction. When buyers do make a purchase, payment is managed seamlessly through names you already know and trust, like PayPal and Google Pay. You don’t have to assume the risk of manually processing transactions, or spend every waking minute monitoring sales alerts to ensure prompt file delivery. A strong eCommerce platform essentially automates the entire purchase and delivery process, leaving you free to spend more time working on new products and less time worrying about the difficulty of complex MP3 file downloading tools. You’ll also be able to turn anything from an inexpensive template site you build yourself to a free blog site into a quality sales portal with a bit of simple copying and pasting the relevant HTML links. Get started today, and you may wonder why you waited so long to realize your dreams.

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