Why Every Unsigned Artist Should Sell Music Online

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As a musician, you need the support of a major label to start selling music on a large scale, right? Wrong! With the right tools and services at your disposal, you can start earning money and building a fan base when you choose to sell music online as an independent artist. No record label, no agent and no publicist necessary!

Sell Music Online: Getting Started

The most substantial hurdle for most new artists who are just starting to consider selling music on the Internet is simply figuring out what tools you need to best perform the task at hand. This is where all too many indie artists fall into the trap of believing they need a professionally-built website costing thousands of dollars, fully capable of ecommerce as a standalone site, to start building significant sales figures. In reality, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. You don’t need an expensive website capable of facilitating sales, one which will require constant maintenance and upkeep in order to stay operational. You can use a less expensive site to get the same results. Even a free blog site and social networking profiles can used as sales portals, if you have the right support in your corner.

When you’re ready to start selling music, all you need is a collection of songs ready for sale, an afternoon to set up your webstore, and a marketing plan in place to boost awareness about your project.

Selling Music – Choosing the Right Tools and Services

There are a lot of service providers out there for new online merchants, especially those who hope to sell music online. When it’s time to make a choice, it’s important you weight all of the benefits of each platform you’re considering. High-quality ecommerce providers like PayLoadz.com take all of the work out of transaction management, allowing you to focus on building your brand, rather than attending to constant technical issues.

You need a service that integrates trusted names in payment processing, like PayPal and Google Wallet. The platform you choose should offer secure file hosting for you, and automated content delivery for your customers. Access to affiliate marketing networks and other seller tools is also a must. Don’t let your dreams of selling music fall to the wayside because you can’t invest thousands of dollars into an overpowered website; with a well-chosen ecommerce platform provider, you can sell music online while building your fan base with no worries, no confusion and no stress.


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