Why Authors Sell Books Online, Independently

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Have you noticed how many authors, both new and established, are choosing to sell books online in favor of traditional publishing? There are a number of reasons why this model works so well for so many writers, but the key to success is choosing the right systems. Managing your own eBook empire can be laborious, time-consuming and expensive, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. In fact, some of the most efficient and powerful systems also make it possible to launch your brand on a tiny budget. Before you opt for managed sales through a proprietary eReader device marketplace or invest thousands in expensive, complex sales tools, learn more about how to secure your needs cost-effectively.

The Tools You Need to Sell Books Online

If you’re looking for room in the budget to fund a professionally-built, custom sales website with all the bells and whistles, take a step back and reevaluate your plan. These systems are not only a financial drain, but also have the potential to damage your customer service reputation.

Your customers will demand secure payment processing options they trust, and most will balk at handing over their credit card number directly to an independent merchants. This is why systems like PayPal and Google Wallet exist and thrive; they fill a need while providing security. The risk of mismanaging a credit card number is quite large, and can do irreparable damage to your reputation. Content delivery is another potential minefield. Manually monitoring sales alerts around the clock to share download links is not only impossible to sustain, but also risky to attempt. When your customers are forced to wait for the goods they’ve purchased, or perhaps never receive them at all, your reputation will take a hit. Another factor you should take into consideration: marketing and promotion. You can dump a small fortune into prepaid ads and sponsored social media posts which largely go ignored, or you can choose a more efficient, zero-risk option.

Dedicated eCommerce platforms like PayLoadz.com are built with the digital merchant in mind. Seamless PayPal and Google Wallet integration, secure file hosting and automated download delivery make it easy to sell books online with no fuss, no risk and no headache. Choose a high-quality system, and you’ll even have access to powerful marketing tools.

Sell Books Online More Successfully: Use Affiliate Networks

Built-in to the best eCommerce platforms, affiliate networks connect you with marketing professionals who essentially work on a commission basis. Rather than paying out of pocket for prepaid advertising in advance, you’re able to share a small portion of the proceeds with marketing partners only when they generate a sale. This means you never risk your marketing funds on prepaid ads with no guarantee, and you’re able to reach potential customers far beyond your own extended network.

Don’t wait. Sell books online in your very own web store, and make your dreams of becoming a successful author a reality.

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