Who Will Sell My Books for Me?

Sell My Books

You did it. You wrote your first few books and now you want to start earning money from selling books online. But you’re a writer, not an online marketing expert. If the world of online sales seems too complicated, you need a partner to help you get started. The answer to the question, “Who will sell my books for me?”, is simple: PayLoadz.com.

Your talent is writing. You have a way with words and can express your ideas best when you put pen to paper, or fingertips to keyboard as is most common nowadays. But when it comes to setting up a sales and marketing plan, you are at a loss for words. That’s okay, you don’t have to do it all. PayLoadz offers a digital download eCommerce service to handle the details for you. It is the perfect partnership to get your beloved masterpieces out to the world so you can start earning money for your talent.

How Does PayLoadz Sell My Books?

To get started selling your books online, you will need to convert them into a digital download. If your books are already in a MS Word document, you are almost there. Most eBooks need to be in PDF form, which you can convert into right from your Word software. Since eBooks are usually read on tablets and smaller devices, you will want the book to be formatted for these devices for easy reading. There are tutorials to help you with this conversion or you can hire a service to create the download for you.

Once you have your books in a download form, you are ready to enlist the help of PayLoadz.com. The service is inexpensive with a low monthly fee to get started. The service will help you sell your books by providing:

  • Secure payment processing. Your customers can buy your books using credit or debit cards, ACH or Paypal funds, making it safe and secure for both them and you. PayLoadz handles all this for you and provides your shopping cart.
  • Auto-delivery. Your customers will get immediate access to their book once they pay for it. PayLoadz will securely deliver the eBook as a digital download.
  • PayLoadz offers an easy way to sign up for affiliate marketing- you offer a small stipend for anyone who sells your books on their website. It’s a win-win marketing option that can dramatically increase your sales.
  • Online store. You ask, “Who will sell my books?” Why, PayLoadz will, right from their online store. Plus the service will work with any other venue, like your social media pages or even through eBay auctions.

Stop wondering who will sell my books and get enrolled with PayLoadz.com. It is fast, easy and affordable!

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