Who Should I Trust to Sell My Books?

Selling Books Online

Your manuscript is precious. You’ve trimmed, perfected, edited and clarified until you reached the final draft; does the idea of ceding control to a separate editor and demanding publisher leave you cold? If so, both you and your brand may benefit more from truly independent sales. Getting started can be easier, less expensive and more rewarding than you might think.

How Do I Sell My Books Online?

The barrier for entry into digital publishing is very low, which means it’s vital to do everything you can to set yourself apart from the pack.

Direct digital publishing services through eBook and eReader retail giants may seem like the quickest and most sure course of action, but there are still some things you should consider. Choosing plans which leave you with a smaller overall percentage of your earnings may be off-putting at first glance. but these are typically the only ones which give you the freedom of selling your work through other outlets while still maintaining total control over pricing.

You want readers around the world, in any region, to be able to purchase your books with ease. Major-retailer direct publishing will restrict your audience to not only owners of just a single device, but also only those in a few regions. This doesn’t mean you should never choose an eBook retailer, only that you should choose pricing structures which leave you able to sell in your own digital store, as well.

Why Would I Want to Sell My Books in a Digital Storefront?

When you’re able to reach anyone who can find your sales portal, you’re immediately increasing your potential for both exposure and high earnings. For this reason, maintaining an author page with a built-in sales page for digital content is essential. When you choose a quality eCommerce platform, you’re able to integrate a sales portal into your existing site or one you’re planning to build with easy, cut-and-paste HTML code.

Services like PayLoadz.com also give you access to trustworthy and reliable payment processing through names you and your customers trust, like PayPal. Your files are hosted securely, then instantly shared with buyers immediately upon completing a transaction. You never have to worry about monitoring sales alerts or manually fulfilling orders. Choose a high-quality service provider, and you’ll even have access to risk-free marketing through built-in affiliate networks.

Don’t let the publishing industry keep you from achieving your dreams; sell your books on your terms.

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