Who Is Making Money with Digital Downloads?

Digital Downloads

Have you ever wondered who is making money with all those digital downloads that are available on the internet? You can buy music, art, videos, software, apps, documents, books and so much more with just a click of your mouse. In minutes, you have your digital download. It isn’t just large companies making money with digital downloads. Here are some home-based businesses that making money right from their computers selling digital products.

  • Musicians. From classical flute to rap beats, many musicians are making money selling their MP3s online.
  • Craft makers. Those who make crafts are also selling patterns and how-to books and videos to those who want to make their own crafts.
  • Writers. eBooks are very popular. Writers that want to skip the publishing houses and sell their books directly are selling their eBooks as digital downloads.
  • Techies. Those who are able to create new software or apps for smartphones and tablets can earn great money working from home selling their products through digital downloads.
  • Legal professionals. Legal forms, templates and informational books on legal issues are popular products online. Legal professionals can make extra money on the side with their legal knowledge selling these digital products.
  • Business consultants. Many consultants are selling their advice through video, eBooks and audio books to small business owners.
  • Artists. Both traditional artists and graphic artists can sell their art online.
  • Photographers. You don’t need thousands of dollars in camera equipment to make money taking photos. A high quality smartphone can create beautiful digital photos that can be sold online and earn thousands of dollars as stock photos.

Do You Want to Make Money with Digital Downloads?

So how to you start earning extra cash in the lucrative digital downloads business? It is quick and easy if you partner with an eCommerce service for your business. Once you create a digital product like an eBook, audio MP3 file or photos, sign up for service through companies like PayLoadz.com. You don’t need to be an online business expert because they will handle the sales transactions and even get you started marketing your products through their online store and easy affiliate marketing programs. Here is how it works:

  • Enroll as a member to use the eCommerce service. It is quick and easy. You will pay a fee to use the service and give them your financial information so they can send you payments for your products.
  • Upload your digital downloads. Services like PayLoadz offer unlimited storage space for your downloads and you can sell as few or as many products as you like through their online store.
  • Link your other online sites to the service. If you want to sell your digital products through your social media pages, your website or through eBay auctions, PayLoadz can handle the payment processing and digital delivery for all your platforms.

You can start making money this week by selling digital downloads online with the help of an eCommerce service. Get your digital download business off the ground today!

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