Where You Should Be Investing When You Sell Ebooks

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Not so long ago, authors were forced to secure agents and aggressively court publishing companies in order to obtain wide-scale release for their work. Compensation through these publishing deals was often slanted in the favor of the publisher, and authors were left with minimal control over their own work. The advent of eReader devices and dedicated smartphone apps marked a sea change in the publishing industry, though. Today, an ever-increasing number of new authors are opting to self-publish their work and sell ebooks, retaining full control and a greater share of the profits. In order to make a success of your work, if you plan to follow in these authors’ footsteps, it’s vital to know where your money should be invested.

Selling Ebooks: Putting Your Money in the Right Places

Too many authors sink their entire investment fund into securing a high-end, professionally-built website fully capable of ecommerce automation. These sites are expensive, require almost constant maintenance and aren’t strictly necessary. You can easily succeed with a much less expensive site which omits the seller tools, as long as you choose the right external services to support your venture as you sell ebooks.

Ecommerce service platforms like PayLoadz.com are designed for the online merchant, helping you get on your feet as you begin to sell ebooks without a huge up-front investment. Even better, these sites combine all the most important aspects of daily business management, from payment processing and automated content delivery for your customers to secure file hosting and access to valuable seller tools for you. In the end, this is almost always the best way to sell ebooks.

Investing Wisely to Help Your Ebook Sell

After you’ve discovered the key to saving more of your startup fund, it’s time to determine where it will be most effective when spent. For self-published authors, there are two very clear choices: professional editing and cover design. The old adage about not judging a book by its cover is a nice sentiment, but your product will always be judged by potential buyers when they see the professionalism of the cover. Make sure this image looks like something you’d see on the shelves at your local store.

Secondly, but arguably more important than cover design, is editing. No matter how many times you go over your own work, there will be continuity and grammar errors you have missed. Every one of these errors spotted by a reader indicates a lack of professionalism on your part, thereby damaging your brand as an author. When anyone can self-publish, selling ebooks successfully often means setting yourself apart from the pack and offering a product of superior quality.

Don’t let your dreams of becoming a famous author pass you by. Invest wisely, and start selling ebooks today to build your self-publishing empire.


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