Where to Sell Downloads to Build Your Business

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Online sales is still a booming area of industry, with more and more small business owners establishing lucrative and rewarding ventures each year. While the Internet can grant you access to a wealth of sales options, the sheer volume of sales portals and methods can be staggering. For the new online merchant, one of the most common and pervasive challenges is simply learning how and where to sell downloads online.

Diversifying Placement Options to Sell Downloads

Depending upon the type of product you ultimately choose to sell, you’ll have a variety of options for product placement. Ebooks, for instance, can be placed in proprietary marketplaces like the Amazon Kindle store. The highest profit percentages are earned through exclusivity agreements, though, which means you can only offer your products through one outlet if you want higher earning power. This tactic may seem like the most financially sound decision at first blush, but it leaves you with a market share which is inherently limited only to owners of a particular device. Readers who own a device other than a Kindle have no method of legitimately obtaining your ebook, and will ultimately choose merchants who sell downloads they can use, causing you to lose a sale.

Diverse placement may slightly reduce your profit margin on each sale, but can drastically improve revenue by increasing your potential audience reach exponentially. Instead of being able to appeal only to owners of one device at the exclusion of all others, you can sell downloads to a diverse array of buyers.

How to Sell Downloads Online Effectively

Ideally, you’ll want potential customers to be capable of accessing your products through many different avenues. This can mean non-exclusive placement in proprietary marketplaces, but also means turning every aspect of your web presence into a sales opportunity. Non-exclusive market placement should be viewed as supplementary sales opportunity, with one primary marketplace to which all other traffic is funneled.

An ecommerce platform like PayLoadz.com, which provided simple HTML linkage which can be copied and pasted anywhere, is almost always the best choice. This allows you to turn your social networking profiles, message board and email signatures into traffic-driving sales opportunities. Your ecommerce service provider should handle all of the tasks related to content hosting, automated order fulfillment and payment processing, leaving you to the important work of promotion and marketing.

With a reliable ecommerce service provider and a collection of high quality products, you can join the ranks of merchants who are successfully earning money and building a business by choosing to sell downloads online.


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