Where to Sell Books Online

sell books online

The time has come to make your work available to the public, and you’ve decided self-publishing is the best route for you. Now what? Where should you sell books online to build the largest possible following for your growing brand? Popular eReader devices do offer proprietary marketplaces where independent authors can directly publish their work, but it’s important to carefully examine their policies before signing on the proverbial dotted line; some contracts are just as restrictive as those offered by traditional publishing companies. For many indie authors, the best option is to choose non-exclusive placement in proprietary eReader device marketplaces paired with a free-standing web store. Read on to find out how you can make this strategy work for you, and why it’s a good choice for so many authors.

Why Should I Start a Webstore to Sell Books Online?

The appeal of totally managed sales through an eBook clearinghouse is, for many, the convenience of hands-off management. You need to be able to focus on your next book and promotions for your most recent work; you don’t have hours a day you can feasibly dedicate to the management of your web store. When a proprietary marketplace offers to manage payment processing, file hosting and download delivery in exchange for a sizable percentage of your revenue, it’s easy to chalk up the lost profits as a running expense if you know you don’t have the time or the know-how to keep an indie web store afloat. What if there were a way you could harness all the power and convenience of managed sales without sacrificing your valuable time and energy, though?

With a dedicated eCommerce platform like PayLoadz.com, you can do just that without sacrificing up to half of your proceeds from each sale or more. A strong eCommerce platform integrates trusted payment processing systems like PayPal seamlessly while streamlining file hosting, download delivery and even marketing tasks. This means from the moment a customer finds your store to the end of a transaction, you’re able to keep working on your newest project because everything about the sales process is automated. Instead of forking over a substantial portion of your earnings to online retail giants, you’re keeping more and maintaining your freedom along the way.

How to Sell Books Online Through Multiple Outlets

The most popular eBook retailers do offer plans which don’t include exclusivity agreements, and these are the plans you want if you’re determined to get your work into those stores. This will allow you to keep your work available to owners of other devices and those outside the region-locked marketplaces around the world.

With an eCommerce account, you’re able to get started in minutes with a free blog site or an inexpensive template site you can easily build yourself. Simple HTML code can be copied and pasted into the appropriate places, turning almost anything into a sales portal. Get started today, and take the first step towards true independent success as an author.

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