Where to Sell Books on the Internet

where to sell books

Selling books on the internet is now a well established business model. You can sell your books on numerous online sites, all of which cater to either single or multiple markets. When you are considering where to sell books, it is always best to take time to research which option is best for you. For instance, you wouldn’t sell books about crafting on a site dedicated to wrestling. Sure, you might luck out and make a few sales, but you’re never going to get rich.

Some authors, when deciding where to sell books, immediately opt for a site that covers multiple subjects. However, this approach does not always pay off, either. The more authors you are competing with, the more likely you are to find that your books get buried under the overwhelming choices available to the buyer. So, which option is best: The niche site with lower traffic numbers but less competition? Or, a larger site where you are competing with thousands of other authors in the same space? Fortunately, both options are equally worth exploring, depending on how well you can promote your product.

Promoting your Books on the Internet

When competing with other writers in your niche, it is important to remember that there is room for everyone. If you have approached the subject from a unique perspective, it is important that you let potential buyers know. That way, although you are writing about the same subject as all the other authors, you have a distinct advantage. Deciding where to sell books also depends on which kind of format you wish to publish in. Some sites do not sell books in hardcopy, so if you only wish to publish in hardcopy, those sites are obvious not going to work for you. The same applies to those authors who wish to sell eBooks (either as a single option or in combination with hardcopy books); a site that only provides a digital download service won’t meet your needs.

PayLoadz.com is an ideal option for authors who wish to sell eBooks, audio books, documents and forms. Whereas sites such as Amazon are better suited to authors who wish to sell both hardcopy and eBooks alongside one another. If you really want to cut out the competition, you can also sell your books from your own website or social media accounts. In the case of the former, eCommerce sites like PayLoadz can still handle the sales transactions and download of your books in eBook format. However, there is no method that is set in stone for where to sell books on the internet, so you can always utilize a combination of options to help increase your reach.

Another great way to find out where you can sell books online is by visiting writing sites, forums and social media pages. You will find many like-minded authors, who are usually more than happy to share promotion methods and information on sites that will suit your needs.

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