Where to Sell Books for Optimal Success

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You’ve weighed the benefits of self-publishing against the risks of working with a traditional publisher. You’ve researched formatting and cover art for eBooks, and you’ve edited until you’ve created a finished product. Now, the only thing left to decide is where to sell books online and how to do so in the most effective possible way. For many authors new to self-publishing, major marketplaces built to support proprietary eReader devices seem like the only feasible option. What many don’t realize, is that there are far better options available. All you need to do is take a closer look at the device eBook marketplace policies, and consider the many reasons why it’s often better to manage your own web store.

Where to Sell Books While Staying in Control

You chose the self-publishing route because you wanted to stay in the driver’s seat of your career. Collecting only pennies from each sale while sacrificing your creative control and reprinting rights makes it difficult to establish your empire, so why settle for the same limitations in an independent publishing setting? Major eBook marketplaces which facilitate direct publishing often structure their plans so that keeping the greatest percentage of your cover price means adhering to exclusive release requirements and sacrificing control over your pricing. Before selecting a plan offering through a major online retailer, be sure to carefully read the terms. By agreeing to exclusivity when trying to determine where to sell books, you’ll immediately be limiting your audience to only owners of a particular device. You’ll earn a greater share of a lower price, which means your overall earnings could be lower. In the end, these agreements have more in common with traditional publishing restrictions than the freedom of independent release.

Deciding Where to Sell Books: Bringing it All Together

Releasing through a major retailer can be a good choice, but it’s important to choose non-exclusive plans which allow you to determine where to sell books outside of a single marketplace. In the end, running your own web store is likely to be the more effective and efficient choice.

Working with a dedicated eCommerce platform like PayLoadz.com allows you to reap all the benefits of independent eBook sales, as well as the benefits of managed marketplace retail. You’re in full control of your pricing, marketing and creative property. You own your work, and your business. For a low price, you’re also able to set up a lucrative web store without investing heavily in expensive websites and sales tools.

A strong eCommerce platform gives you access to secure file hosting, while automating content delivery. You never have to worry about missing a sales alert and delaying order fulfillment. Anything from a social media profile to a free blog site can serve as a sales portal, and payment processing is managed through trusted, reliable names like PayPal and Google Wallet. Your store is managed flawlessly, giving you more time to write and develop new eBooks. Get started today, and find out just how sweet it is to be truly independent in the publishing world.

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